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Thumbs up The Great "First Contact" Thread - Spoilers 5x10

hmmm interesting one. Heck of a cliff hanger.

Cool to see Daniel back - still his grumpy, cynical self I see. I was always so dissapointed he went down that route the last few seasons. He was just continually pissed off. Then again, if I had to deal with Cameron and Vala I would have been too (though I'd put up with Vala cause she was hella cute).

Have to say it felt a bit weird, though, seeing the two of them (meaning Rodney, of course) working together. I dont know, it feels out of place for Daniel to be there, even knowing that a) of course he's still working with the SGC and b) knew about Janis's work well before the SGA teams did. *shrug* just culture shock, maybe.

Anyway, cool device. Nice new toys for the boys to play with - about time too, we were lacking in 'Lantean discoveries. It was starting to feel like a scavanger hunt there for a while, only finding wriath or replicator tech.

But boy, those side effects SUCK. I don't have much sympathy for the team on the Deadalus, but damn, that last scene in the Atlantis tower? weeeeeee!!

And come on - those armoured guys? they're TOTALLY Ancients. And I'm pretty sure Danny boy knows it.

Stellar ep. Fractured, slow to start, a bit mishmashed and tring to follow too many plot lines at once, but cool all the same.

Now, let me see. Ep 10. We're going to have wait 4 months to see the conclusion, aren't we?

fuck. And I was only just starting to get back in to the SGA groove. Worse knowing that now, there's only 10 more eps, evar.

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