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There's no question that Todd knows about the device - don't forget, he was the one stuck on the desert planet in.. um.. whats was it called? The season 1 ep with the light bugs... Anyways, point is, he was around when the siege of atlantis was going down, and thus, when Janis was doing his dohickey experiements, and something so devastating to the wraith would either a) be VERY well known or b) would have been quite accurately recorded... told as a scary bedtime story to baby wraith, perhaps...

He was quick to jump to conclusions about the Lanteans. He's such a sly dog - he'd have been waiting for ANY excuse to take over that ship I reckon. That glow stick device is quite a neat one - doubt it's standard wraith issue, either, or we'd have seen them being used a lot more in the past.

nesh - nah man, those guys knew too much. Lantean ship that passed through the shield? Knew exact location, what to look for, and how to get there? They're either in league with Janis, or are Janis's watchdogs, although wanting to get the device online asap made me wonder about motives and allegiances.
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