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Makes sense.

So who are the suited guys? I'm not too sure about them being ancients.

Firstly, they'd know how to activate the device themselves if they were.

Second, based on what we've seen, it seems unlikely that they'd just barge in, make big holes through floors and kidnap people.

Third, they'd have wayy better personal shields than the one that couldn't stand up to a few machine guns.

Fourth, the technology that went into the suit would have been quickly recognized by Radik and McKay.

Now, mind you, they might very well end up being ancients for some non-obvious reason but it seems unlikely from what we've seen so far.

I wonder about those suits though - could it just be some atmospheric issue? That seems odd that something that appears to be human-oid wouldn't be able to tolerate an atmosphere designed for humans. Maybe it's a Vader-esque portable life support machine and the guys inside are some really freaking old ancients that didn't bother going into stasis?
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