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Strong Bad
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Had had a dream I was doing one of Natalies friends. Since I don't really know any of Natalies friends, it was that chick from Sex and the City she likes, that red headed one (or someone similar enough.
Except that Natalie patently loathes Sex and the City.
Now, get off my lawn! -Sarda
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president doc
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I say that only because she used to use that avatar.
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I was in a theater with Nat an' someone else. Hazily remembering it to be Kat, but that could just be for rhyming's sake. Also, I can't recall if it was a performing theater, cinema, or a lecture hall.

We were talking about how no one smokes in Canada. My dreams are always thrilling apparently.
You left me three cigarettes
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Does not want.
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Really? No one smokes in Canada? All the Canadians I know smoke. Every last one of them!!
Originally Posted by DEATH
most of the women i root when im drunk look like videogame charicters. there all miss pac man, round with big fucking mouths
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Throbbing Member
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I had a dream that i had two girls and my bf wanted to keep trying till we had a boy WORST FUCKEN NIGHTMARE EVER.
doom doom doooom dooooommm
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