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Well I don't understand what you guys mean by 'darker' and 'lighter', I think those are just bullshit ways to justify boringness with no story or distinguishable characters.

I don't have a problem with character driven plots, or making the show deeper like lost, but that is most definitely not what is going on here.

If Stargate was Batman, then Stargate Universe would be the one where it's ALWAYS night time in Gotham and Batman has nipples. It's absolutely cheesier than anything they did on SG-1 or Atlantis - those shows were imaginative, creative, they did a lot of work on costumes and sets and new and very memorable characters.

I'm not "comparing" it to previous Stargate shows, other than to point out that they were good and enjoyable, whereas this is tedious, difficult to understand, and as a fan does not make me feel enthusiastic about it.

I've never watched Battlestar Galactica, it looks like a terrible b-grade scifi, and in that sense I do understand the comparison to SGU.

If they intended to make a show like Battlestar Galactica, why not make it in that franchise?

effort from the viewer
I realise that you're a bit of a retard Death so I try not to respond to anything specific you say, but even you must see how stupid this comment is. What exactly am I suppose to do to understand this show when I don't even give a fuck about anything that happens in it? Do I have to take screenshots of people's very similar looking faces and make notes about everything they say just to figure out what the story is?

It doesn't even make sense that if people, professional people, were in a situation like this they would all act like such massive assholes. I don't see any redeeming qualities in these characters that would make a person think "oh that person would be great on a stargate type team working at some remote base on another planet". They all seem like such hostile babies.

It's obvious that the newbs like Cooper, Mullie, and Mallozzi, hated their jobs and wanted to work on another show. It was always obvious even on SG-1 that they wished they were writing for Star Trek or something. They are such fuckwads.
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