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i think that the show is doing fairly well, perhaps it was a bit slow to get going, but we already know that they have been renewed for a second season so we will get a chance to see how the show plays out, after all SG-1 had a few crap seasons.. notable any part that refernced ori and the season with jonas in it

i think that the show has definatly become alot darker, espesialy after the considerably light star gate atlantis, that show never realy had me on the edge of my seat wondering if a charicter would die, or not. conventional stargate ie SG-1 and Atlantis had a realy good run, but i think that they were becomeing to comical and too popcirn sci-fi for my likeing.

im not saying that they were not extreemly injoyable shows but i think that stargate had to reinvent itself or die, weather they can pull of a lost/battlestar style show is another thing entirly but comparing it to the previous stargate shows is just folly.

let universe be its own show, instead of wanting just another cookie sci-fi show that takes no effort from the viewer. if stargate had of continued with another spin off thats only disimilarites to SG-1 and atlantis was that they were in a new place with new people, but ever 2 or 3 eppiusode somone from the old shows would come on, it would have died a horrable death, as a fanserve and for being akin to yet another procedural cop show.

i see the potential in universe. i just hope that it gets a chance to show it
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