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Of course it's good storytelling to not reveal everything up front, but you have to keep the curiosity levels high about what hasn't been shown. When it's just some angst between two teenagers - who *really* cares? There are plenty of fantastic examples of stories that very purposefully didn't show much but we could still appreciate the backstory when we needed, such as Tape (2001) by Richard Linklater, and Reservoir Dogs (1992) by Tarantino.

Actually I did enjoy last week's ep Divided, reminded me a lot of an SGC based SG-1 ep. Can't fault it very much, and in many ways some of the annoying boring bits of the previous eps paid off for me there. Although every ep being effectively about deception and mistrust is still a problem for me. There was still a lack of exposition in some parts that made me confused while watching the ep.

It was nice to see Dr Brightman (Stargate SG-1, Season 8, "Lockdown") again.

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