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Originally Posted by teen View Post
You fail at stories if you think that as an audience members I need to "do some work". Talking about what has happened isn't storytelling, showing what happened is storytelling.
I agree that "working" to get the story sucks, but the key to good storytelling is to get your audience to ask more questions (good questions, like "What would have happened if it went this way instead of that?", not bad questions like "What the fuck happened there?").

If you give them all the answers, if you reveal everything plain as day, the audience takes up the info, packs it into their heads, and then walks away from the work. If asked what happened, they'll parrot back that story as it unfolded onscreen— as if that was all that there was to say on the subject.

How can you sell a sequel if no one is wondering about what happened in those moments that didn't appear onscreen?
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