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Posted by _.:?nubis:._ on 12-12-2002 01:24 AM:

They should make a stargate movie before RDA dies

Seriously they should make another SG movie, to end the series, like star trek does, at least before Richard dean anderson dies of old age....

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Posted by chameleon on 12-12-2002 02:36 AM:

What are you talking about he has at least another what 40 years in him...From what i have heard on the net.....They will be doing the movie after season 7....Thats if they do the movie at all.


Posted by MajorSam on 12-12-2002 03:16 AM:

old age what are you talking about! he's only... 53 or something, and doesn't even look that! i'm so confused!!! he's only just past middle age!

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Posted by Rithmah on 12-12-2002 03:48 AM:

Hell, if that guy can look that good at his age, he'll still be making movies when you have to start to wear Depends.


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Posted by Sam fan on 12-12-2002 06:30 AM:

Hey! He isn't dying anytime soon. he's not old. He's gorgeous!!!!!

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Posted by chameleon on 12-12-2002 06:43 AM:

Anubis what made you come up with this idea....Its not like he is on his death bed.


Posted by Goa`uld on 12-12-2002 08:15 AM:

moved to general forum, thanks chameleon.


Posted by Shaneo on 12-12-2002 09:34 AM:

LMAO @ Old Age!!

Posted by dr.taz on 12-12-2002 10:04 AM:

I'd just like to say that he's pretty spry for a guy you think is gonna die of olad age soon


Posted by Vern on 12-12-2002 10:56 AM:

Just compare RDA to DSD..... and both of them have at least 3 decades left (at least i hope so, don't wanna jinx anything)


Posted by nc_Chaz on 12-12-2002 12:45 PM:

rda is 59, i think

Posted by president doc on 12-12-2002 12:52 PM:

59?!!! you must be jpking, 55 at most... looks more like 54 to me.

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Posted by Rithmah on 12-12-2002 03:28 PM:

RDA will be 53 in January. He's only about a month older than my mom.


I have a Vespa and two cats!

Posted by shiloh on 12-12-2002 04:10 PM:

He'll be 53 on 1/23. And he looks great! Hell, he's only 3 years older than Pierce Brosnan. And he's eight years younger than Harrision Ford.

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Posted by Rhydderch Hael on 12-12-2002 04:23 PM:

Originally posted by chameleon
Anubis what made you come up with this idea...

...a desire to troll for responses. And look at how many people took the bait...


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