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Posted by Goa`uld on 12-17-2002 11:28 AM:

The Eye Worm

It's just like from an alien movie be very careful when u get caught with following pics will show effects of bad dust to a person.

While he was walking he felt an eye irritation, thinking that it was just regular dust, he started to rub his eye, in an effort to remove the dust.... then his eyes got really red, and he went and bought some eye drops from a pharmacy....few days passed and his eyes were still red and seems a little swollen. Again he dismissed it as the constant rubbing and that it will go away.

The days go by the swelling of his eye got worse, redder and bigger.... till he decided to go and see a doctor for a check up. The doctor immediately wanted an operation, being afraid of a tumour growth or cyst. At the operation, what was thought to be a growth or cyst, actually turned out to be a live worm..... what was thought initially to be just mere dust actually was an insect's egg......because of that, my friends, if u do get caught in dust, and the pain persists, pls go see doctor immediately......



Posted by chameleon on 12-17-2002 11:49 AM:

EEEEWWWWWW......That is sooooo gross.


Posted by Kamakazi Casper on 12-17-2002 05:13 PM:

Oh my sweet lord I think I'm going to be sick.

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Posted by Charlie Carter on 12-17-2002 05:17 PM:

OMG!!!! Icky icky icky!!! That is sick!!!


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Posted by kiya on 12-17-2002 05:21 PM:

I work in a doctor's surgery, consequently very few things can shock me any more...

...but still - eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


Posted by president doc on 12-17-2002 06:14 PM:

Interesting, something inside me thinks its bullcrap, but interesting.

Since I visit atleast once a month to top up my resistance to these kind of things, no probs

God, Ive become such a fatty

Posted by Jaffa on 12-17-2002 06:16 PM:

hmm, well that is quite discusting, but hey it happens

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Posted by Lnt.kaos on 12-17-2002 06:58 PM:

Oh man is that real, I think i'm going to have to go with the others and say eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww


Posted by MacGyver on 12-17-2002 08:07 PM:

Goa?uld deserves an award for this post


Posted by AbydonianSky on 12-17-2002 08:46 PM:

& what exactly where you searching for when you found this delightful offering ??????????????

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Posted by Lord ?okar on 12-17-2002 08:46 PM:

Oh my good god, that is foul. Can anyone do better?

Posted by president doc on 12-17-2002 09:06 PM: is the famous one.

I know another couple, If I post them, people may look at me funny.

God, Ive become such a fatty

Posted by Lord ?okar on 12-17-2002 09:08 PM:

Isn't it funny that when you see something like that your eye starts itching like crazy. Same thing like when someone does a lecturette on testicular cancer and the horrible things they do to you if you've got it, you cross your legs and lean forward

Posted by president doc on 12-17-2002 09:13 PM:

Well, eyes and balls are very sensitive.
One can do something about desensitising the latter area, I often do this just incase someone talks about balls, its good to prepare for the worst you see.

Eyes? nothing you can do.. apart from maybe put contacts on all the time

God, Ive become such a fatty

Posted by Mac on 12-17-2002 09:18 PM:

OMG. Dude. Gross.

That is all.

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